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VISABOOKS.COM, VISAMARKETPLACE and VISAPLAZA.COM are online subsidiaries of the Allied Vision Group LLC ™ and are therefore closely inter-related in both service delivery and their target audiences but with unique service contents specific to them.

VISABOOKS.COM was first deployed as a standalone website in the summer of 2003 with an initial mission to provide college students with an alternative to high costs of buying textbooks.

This concept became an instant success immediately after take-off  and has served over one million (1000,000) satisfied customers in the US and Canada directly, and indirectly via other known marketplaces till date.

However, in line with the ever-changing marketplace dynamics, and our quest for competitive advantage in a highly competitive global business environment, we undertook a holistic review of our business module to accommodate the establishment of a new marketplace platform beyond books and a consequent corresponding review of our initial mission statement.

We have come to give the marketplace a new definition in the global business Arena with a special vision to bring about choices and opportunities that are novel and rewarding to millions of consumers and providers of various goods and services around the world, in a safe and secure environment.

Our mission is to provide an unrivaled competition through the provision of an effective, efficient, reliable and dependable platform for students, professors, professional booksellers and members of the global community an avenue to buy, sell, trade or rent books and other products listed on our global website in a safe and secure environment and also, at prices they can live with.

Our vision is to become a leading global entity defined by a proactive, effective and efficient, reliable and dependable attitude towards customer service and product delivery.

Allied Vision Group LL C, through its online subsidiaries, in VisaBooks, VisaMarketplace and VisaPlaza is one the fastest growing retail do-it-your way marketplace chains in North America serving a global audience, with specialties in books, textbooks, electronics etc and more…

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